Photowalking above Silicon Valley |

Very entertaining and educational Scoble Photo-walking video.  This time with a professional  photographer, Marc Silber.  Marc has some amazing images on his site.  He also just published a free e-book called, Taking Memorable Photosfrom what I have read so far it is very good (and well worth the price!).

Here is just one example of Marc’s work:


If you are into photography, or would like to be I suggest you go look at Marc’s site, read his e-book, and watch the video below.














This is a different kind of photowalking than we usually do. First, no Thomas Hawk. Second, we have a real, professional photographer (he even has the license plates to prove it). Third, we go for a nature walk up in the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve above Silicon Valley. The photographer is Marc Silber, who also teaches photography and has an e-Book on how to make better photographs. He gives us tons of tips in this one-hour walk.

Photowalking above Silicon Valley | Technology and Entertainment Video Network


  1. The new free ebook is up on my site now

  2. If you’re in the bay area I’m giving a workshop at SmugMug covering many of the points covered in photowalking, teh data is on my site

    PS I”ll be adding a new ebook “Focus on Beauty” soon

  3. @Marc – VERY nice! Thanks for coming back and sharing. It is cool seeing the images you captured during a video I watched of you capturing the images.

    We live in an amazing time.

  4. I put up some of the shots at smugmug that I took while Robert was videoing

  5. To me that’s what photography is all about: looking at life and finding those hidden images. I have stories about every one of my shots…the kids jumping off the sand dunes “friends” has quite a story, those were my classmates in the 8th grade, I was 13, it’s actually my the first photo I ever sold so began my career as a pro, it’s also my logo. It’s about the adventure and seeing, slowing down and looking, not just clicking…

  6. @Marc – you had so many great pictures I had a hard time picking one. But for some reason the shades of green, the contrast of focus and blur – something about this picture spoke to me more than the others. And that is what art is all about, isn’t it?

    I do love the kids jumping over the sand dune though – amazing picture.

    Go walk with Scoble again – take him someplace he doesn’t know exists again. That was interesting to me. I love photography, but that isn’t why I loved the video. I loved the sense of history, and the revelation that so much existed where few people bothered to look.

    You and Scoble are well matched to continue pushing that envelope!

  7. Thanks for picking up on the video and ebook. I’m really passionate about photography and love to teach, so I hope these tips are of help. You can always contact me with any questions or comments just go to my site and send me and email. I wish you all the best for the holiday…peace, marc

    PS I shot you picked is one I took about a month before we shot photowalking at the same place, it’s a new direction for me, printed as a giclee… a long ways from my classical B/W training!