Pictures from the past

Rob - ten years old maybe - about 1971Something for you all to tease me about – my daughter found these pictures in box she was going through.

The first one is me when I was probably ten (around 1971, I guess).

Rob_Pensacola - 1982_0r_1983 The second one is from Pensacola, FL sometime in 1982 or 1983. I think the other bike in the picture belonged to Danny Rowell (Danny – call me back! I lost your damn phone number!) I believe Danny took this picture. We used to ride, and play tennis for hours. The tennis courts right outside our barracks were lighted, and were often played until security told us to go to bed and shut the lights off.

I remember this picture because I left that lens cap sitting there on the bridge.

I used to ride 35 miles a day on days off. When I lived in San Diego I rode my bike 8 miles to work – every day, uphill both directions, in the snow, and with a headwind. OK. I made some of that up – but I was a bike riding fanatic until after by first ankle surgery – that basically ended my riding, running and tennis playing.


  1. I’m sticking to my guns 🙂

    I didn’t start smoking for several years after this photo was taken.

  2. Is that the story you are sticking with? It wasn’t the smoking that ended all those activities?!? ;P