Plane crashes into house, killing 2




“apparent landing mishap”?  Mishap?  I know the word is technically being used correctly here – but it just struck me as an odd way to phrase this.

This story remind me of the time I hit a gold ball wide right and it bounced off the back door of a house located just to the right of the green.  An old man sitting in the yard picked my ball up and walked towards me.  Expecting his to be angry, I headed over to meet him halfway.  As I started apologizing he stopped me and said, “Son, if you are worried about getting hit with a golf ball, you shouldn’t live on a golf course”. 

I guess the same applies for airplane and airports.

CONWAY, Ark. – A small plane crashed into a house as it was apparently trying to land at a nearby airport on Saturday, killing the male pilot and a woman on the ground, authorities said.

Plane crashes into house, killing 2 – U.S. Life –