Please be aware, I can see your IP address if you Meebo me

Specifically – you, the nice Microsoft Employee that IM’ed me and told me to “Suck my d*ck”.  Yes, I know you are on campus in Redmond.  Yes, I have friends I could send your IP address to.  I won’t.  Just don’t do it again.  Don’t be mad at me because of the experience I had with your employer’s product.  It’s not fair, it’s not productive, and it’s immature.  It also goes against my sexual orientation.

I will, however, report any other such actions directly to the domain owners.

Thanks for your support.  Go back to work (and fix a bug today, will you?)



  1. Hey, I still like MS. I was/am ticked at them, but I won’t let one “bad date” totally destroy a near-lifetime relationship. Besides, if MS wrote perfect software I would have no career whatsoever!


  2. so where am i right now? just kidding. my website tells you that. but i totally agree. just the other day i could tell someone found my msn space (oh sorry-i said the bad word micro….) by doing a google search on “kaylyn”…scary!

  3. It’s amazing how people think they are invisible when they are online, and yet they think they are totally visible and vulnerable “in the real world”. It’s really just the opposite.


  4. This is great! I can’t believe he thought he could leave an anonymous comment. It’s pretty clear you have some computer knowledge (yeah-just a little) and you wouldn’t be able to figure him out.

  5. Thanks, Deannie! You know I exist just to humor you!


  6. Okay, this post? You just made my day