Please tell me you have more

I’m going through a box of old papers I hadn’t been through in years.  I found a progress report for my daughter – from her first grade teacher – Mrs Revis of Fort Shafter Elementary School, Ft. Shafter, Hawaii.

She was also my son’s first grade teacher.

On my daughter’s progress report Mrs Revis had written, “Lauren has been a joy.  I’ve really enjoyed both of your children immensely – please tell me you have more“.  No, I never had any more – two is plenty, thank you very much!

This got me looking at more of the stuff in the box, and pondering how to “save it”.  I would love to scan the entire contents into a computer, and take digital photos of things that can’t be scanned.  I would love to be able to put all of this on a web site, in a scrapbook like system (something like ScrapBlog).

So here is my business idea:

Offer a service that scans/photographs all of my crap based on weight, or volume.  Some fee I can determine (app.) beforehand. Put all of my crap on a web site and let me go in at my leisure and add notes, comments, decorations, etc.

Let me share both the crap, and the descriptions of the crap with my family and friends.  As a bonus, physically store my crap for a nominal annual fee, or destroy it if that is my desire.

And every time I send you a box of crap to catalogue, you can send me a thank you note that says, “Please tell me that you have more“.