Plugins I Use

I’ve had a few people ask what plugins I use, so here they are: 

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor 0.2

Adds more styling options to the WYSIWYG post editor. By Assaf Arkin.


BH Category Dropdown Widget 1.0

Provides navigation to category pages via a dropdown selection box. The controls allow you to select EXACTLY which categories apear in the dropdown. By


Category Cloud Widget 1.3

Adds a sidebar widget to display the categories as a tag cloud. By Lee Kelleher.


Category Replacement Widget 0.5

Replacement to allow for greater customization of the category widget. By Alan Morgan.


Democracy Widget 1.0

Adds a sidebar widget for use with Andrew Sutherland’s Democracy Poll widget. By Andrew Sutherland.


diggIT 1.1.2

This plugin allows quick integration for WordPress users that want to automatically have the “digg” button show up for each of their posts. Need help? Check out the support forums! By Paul Cheek.


DoFollow 2.2

Disable the “nofollow” tagging for comments. Timeout using comment age inspired by Christoph Rummel. Configuration: Options » DoFollow. By Kimmo Suominen.


GöSPress 2.1a r004

GöSPress is a spellcheck plug-in for WordPress built around Googie Spell developed by Amir Salihefendic. GöSPress delivers spellcheck to those who prefer not to use the Visual Editor, along with the ability to allow spellcheck for reader commenting. By Michael Gerard.


Get Recent Comments 1.5.5

Display the most recent comments or trackbacks with your own formatting in the sidebar. Visit Options/Recent Comments after activation of the plugin. By Krischan Jodies.


Google (XML) Sitemaps 3.0b7

This generator will create a compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported By Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. Configuration Page By Arne Brachhold.


Google Adsense widget 1.0

Monetize with AdSense in your sidebar widgets! By Mike Smullin.


Google Analytics 1.6

Adds Google analytics to your blog, including outbound link tracking. By Denis de Bernardy.


http:BL WordPress Plugin 1.3

http:BL WordPress Plugin allows you to verify IP addresses of clients connecting to your blog against the Project Honey Pot database. By Jan Stępień.


Live 0.2

View your website activity in real time. By Sean Hickey.


MyBlogLog Widget 2.0

Adds MyBlogLog widget to your blog. By MyBlogLog Team.


Organize Series Plugin 1.6.2

This plugin adds a number of features to wordpress that enable you to easily write and organize a series of posts and display the series dynamically in your blog. This plugin also makes use of (optionally) the Category Icons plugin by Ivan Georgiev. As far as I can tell this plugin is compatible with 1.5+ (including 2.1). By Darren Ethier.


PageNav 0.5

Header Navigation. Modified to improve nested capability and W3C compliance By Adi Sieker & Nico Berlee.


Peter’s Date Countdown Widget Style Yo! 1.9w

Display a countdown of important dates, widget-style By Peter Keung.


PHP Exec 1.7

Execute PHP Code inside a post. Do NOT use this plugin if you don’t trust your WP users. By Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo.


Random Redirect 1.0.1

Allows you to create a link to which will redirect someone to a random post on your blog, in a StumbleUpon-like fashion. By Matt Mullenweg.


Spam Karma 2 2.3 rc1 -2

Ultimate Spam Killer for WordPress. Activate the plugin and go to Manage >> Spam Karma 2 to configure. See Spam Karma 2 >> About for details. By dr Dave.


TD Word Count 0.4.3

Word count stats By TDavid.


Twitter Tools 1.0b3

Bring your Twitter tweets into your blog. Configure your settings here. By Alex King.


WordPress PDA 1.0

This plugin helps the users to view your blog in a pda browser. By Imthiaz Rafiq.


WP-DBManager 2.10

Manages your WordPress database. Allows you to optimize database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. By GaMerZ.


WP-PostRatings 1.10

Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page. By GaMerZ.


WP Grins 1.3

A Clickable Smilies hack for WordPress. By Alex King.


WP Posts/Comments Time 0.2

Plugin to create a chart that shows the number of posts and comments for the hours of a day and/or the days of a week By Stefan Heß. Weather Sticker 1.2

Adds a sidebar widget to display the standard Weather Sticker By DropDeadDick.


  1. @mlankton – yes, it is. I use it as well. I should update this list (or better yet, write an application that keeps a page on my blog updated with the list of currently activated plug-ins!


  2. subscribe to comments is another good one