Podtech buys TechCrunch?

OK – sorry for the headline – I’m doing some research on the reach of Twitter, and today, TwitterVision.

I want to see how many, and how quickly, people come here via Twitter.

Apologies to Podtech and Techcrunch – and to you.

This post is COMPLETELY BOGUS – it’s just an experiment, ok?

And please don’t be mad – it will hopefully serve a useful purpose.

Thanks for understanding.



  1. Ilya – nice post – I was interviewed by the WSJ last week about Twitter – and one of the things I told them would really help make the platform take off was threaded “chats”, or “twitters” – whatever you want to call them.

    TwitterVision is cool, but it’s too fast – I need more time to click on a post to decide if I want to learn more. So in that respect, I think TwitterVision makes a poor spamming platform (so far I received about 56 clicks from TwitterVision – less than I would have expected). Results for clicks coming directly from the Twitter Streamare just showing up. Not sure if they’ll be more or less than TwitterVision.

    Oh – the spammers are already there – New York Times, BBC Chinese, and others are all spamming Twitter already. And I can’tshut them off.

    Spam can kill Twitter just as fast as Twitter grew – unless they attack it aggressively NOW. And that’s pretty much what I hope my little experiment “proves”.

    Thanks for the comment.


  2. I had just written on how Twitter is enabling a global conversation.

    I guess I didn’t factor in the fact that spammers might be joining that conversation soon. But clever experiment- I like stuff like this 🙂

  3. It VERY evident so far that if you want to get the word out on something very quickly then Twitter is a damn good way of doing it.

  4. Reposted on Twitter with a reversed headline (Techcrunch buys PodTech?). results to come.

  5. One direct hit from Twitter. 7 more from TwitterVision (as I expected – people “watching” TwitterVision are engaged – and poised to click on a link)

  6. I’ll post my results in the next few days under the title, “Does Spamming Twitter Work?”

  7. 32 hits in one minute. Tapering off drastically now – TwitterVision has a VERY short attention span, so this isn’t surprising. I’ll be interested in how many follow on clicks come from Twitter directly (none so far)

  8. 14 hits in under 30 seconds. Impressive.