Political Auto-Dialers

(This is not a political post)

My phone has been ringing at a fairly constant rate over the last week.  It seems those auto-dialers must be on sale, because even local Judges are using them now.  That’s fine – they are trying to influence voters.  Got it – that’s what you do once you are elected – you work hard to be re-elected.

My issue is that these auto-dialers just don’t work.  Take the call I just got, the phone rings, and the candidate’s caller ID number shows.  I answer and say hello.  Twice.  Nothing.  The computer never picks up, so instead of getting their political message I get annoyed.  I am watching “The American President“, which is a great movie.  I wasn’t happy I was interrupted, and even more unhappy that it was a waste of time.

Last week I got a call from my congressman – it was an automated call that worked, and invited me into a live “telephone community chat” with the congressman, which was interesting.  The key here is that it just worked, so it didn’t bother me.

I wonder what they pay for these services – because they certainly don’t work well – in fact, they cause me to want to NOT vote for people who use systems that don’t work.  It’s annoying.  It leads me to believe they don’t have a grip on how they are spending money – and that concerns me when it comes to electing public officials.


  1. Well, the prediction is not so much about Rob’s interests, but more about predicting and correlating the moment you answer the phone and the moment the "next available agent" is ready for you … and.. surprise .. they’re not good at THAT either.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predictive_dialer#Smart_Predictive_Dialers

  2. Well, they aren’t very good at predicting, because if they were, they would know I am not interested in talking to them!


  3. Politicians… *sigh* I REALLY wish I could edit my comments!

  4. … or worse .. poloticians.

  5. What you experienced is called a ‘silent’ (or ‘nuisance’) call and is a very clear indication that you’re being called by a so called ‘predictive dialer’, and automated system that dials telephone numbers and, when connected, dispatches the call to live agents for further processing. They’re used by call centers all over the word.I love predictive dialers: when I pick up the phone, and don’t hear anything right away I IMMEDIATELY hang up, because I KNOW it’s a predictive dialer system. Saves me the either lame or rude excuses for mot having to talk to telemarketers.

  6. Ah, another of my brothers speaks out here!  Tad, I agree – but of course, as usually happens, out fine representatives have excluded themselves from this particular law.  Imagine that!

    We need a new Constitutional Amendment that prohibits ANY person from exemption from ANY law ANY other American is expected to heed – in ANY circumstance.

    Of course that won’t happen because most Americans are lazy, self-centered jackasses who won’t even take the time to find out how to vote, much less how our government is supposed to work!

    But I digress – this isn’t a political post! 🙂


  7. You ask me these Political calls should fall into the same category as Telemarketing  calls. I come home from work today and I have 11 messages  9 of them were political.  These should be covered by the ‘No Call’ list most Americans signed up for.