Popular Restaurant Owner Found Murdered (and she was a wonderful lady)

Story For years the Barrios family has taken extremely good care of me, and my kids (and most of the out of town visitors I hosted).  Eating at Los Barrios is like going to a favorite Aunt or Uncle’s.  One of the owners always stops by to chat, and everyone in the restaurant – patrons and staff, seemed to enjoy being there.

Although it was usually her son, Louis Barrios who took care of us, Viola was always there, and you could always feel her being there.

Somehow I think the next time I go to Los Barrios I will still feel her presence.

Los Barrios was recently featured on The Today Show, and the Los Barrios Cookbook became a must-have for anyone visiting town that had a love of Mexican food.

As the article says, in a town known for Mexican food, Los Barrios stood out.  As much for the love and attention of Violet as for the wonderful Mexican dishes.

Los Barrios remained open tonight, but I could no bring myself to visit.  Not yet.  But I will be back.

A popular restaurant owner was found murdered Thursday morning, and police say the suspects tried covering up the murder by setting a fire. Viola Barrios was found dead inside her home in the 10,800 block of Tioga after firefighters were called to the home to put out a fire. News 4 learned Thursday afternoon the 79-year-old founder of Los Barrios Restaurant on Blanco Road had been shot.

Popular Restaurant Owner Found Murdered | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News