Pre-employment drug screening

I also refused to take a drug test today – although I had no reason to fear the results.

I certainly could make this argument from the perspective of someone that has done illicit drugs. Yeah, I’ve done that.

It was never a lifestyle, and never anything that I “got into” that much. But I did it.

That is NOT why I am opposed to taking drug tests for employment.

First, anyone can “get clean” in less than 30 days and pass a drug test – so the test itself proves nothing about my drug usage. I could either stop now, or use a number of methods readily available on the Internet to falsely pass a drug test.

Most companies that test for drugs only do it at the time of hire – and that bothers me more even then if they tested routinely. Why? Because hiring-related drug tests tell me the company is only interested in covering their asses – not in maintaining a drug-free workplace.

If you want a drug free workplace then test often, and randomly, and not just at the time of hire.

I won’t take pre-hire drug tests because I don’t really think the hiring companies give a shit about them, and thinking that, I don’t know why I should expose myself to the drug test in the first place. If the hiring company really doesn’t care, then why should I?

Fundamentally, I have a lot more opposition to this – I would gladly sign an employment agreement that said I could be tested if I gave reason for my employer to think I was on drugs (as long as the “reasons” were clearly defined in the agreement, like “consistently late”, “often absent”, etc). To me that makes more sense then a pre-employment drug test.

I could honestly take a drug test now and pass – but why should I when companies don’t even appear to use it for anything than covering their own asses?

Employees, take back your personal freedoms – demand more. Don’t work for companies that give bogus drug tests. If they ONLY do it at the time of hire, question them. They aren’t being rational.


  1. I haven’t had to do one of these things in a long time but yeah, I pretty much feel the same way. Give me a BREAK.

    Doesn’t my long work history mean anything? The testimony of previous employers didn’t clue you in to what sort of person I am? You need my urine to decide if I “fit in”?

  2. I agree. It is nobodys business what I do on my own time. As long as I show up for work everyday on time and do my job correctly. Im not sure if it is only my workplace but there are some very stupid and unreliable people out there and they still have jobs… No matter how many times that they “forget” the basic fundamentals of their everyday task. All I can do is go with the flow because it seems like no one around me sees this as a problem.

  3. I totally agree. It’s flagrantly invading ones privacy.
    As long as assumed drug usage isn’t affecting an employees job, why would a company care? It’s non of their business.
    It’s like demanding that you prove to your new employer that you go to church each Sunday. What’s it to them?

    The corporate world has simpy been coerced into doing this by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Hey, if the government asks you to do something .. you play nice and go along. (I bet quite a few companies actually think they have to do this by law!).

    But then .. we, prospective employees, while we are principally against it, we go along with it too! Hey.. we NEED that job, and peeing in a cup isn’t that big a deal.

    It’s silly. As a company you should only be interested in people who are good at what they do, and filter out the mediocre and bad ones.
    By filtering on something so irrelevant as drug usage you may actually achieve the opposite: filter out people who could be the best in their field. Again .. it’s like selecting astronauts based on their church attendance.

    The mind boggles.