Pre-Launch Release Day

Today one of my customer’s launched the first “live” version of their web site.  Cool stuff.  Sure, it’s still in closed Alpha, but they actually have something to play with now – they see the reality of the product the thought of and dreamed of.  It’s really great fun.  Even though a lot of things just don’t work yet, seeing what does work is gratifying.

But as I have told him from day one – his work starts now.  Defining, redefining, tweaking – there is a lot of work to do.  And as the creative mind behind the idea, only my customer *really* knows what he wants.  So now he has work to do.  I’ll help him make sure that things actually work the way they are designed, and that it’s scaleable, and that it’s functional.  But whether it ends up being “his vision” or not is now totally in his hands.

It’ll be interesting to see how close what was delivered meets what he envisioned – there was no requirements documentation, no story boards, no screen mockups.  This was literally built from an idea verbally communicated to a third party development team.  As the man-in-the-middle I am very curious how this product development effort will go.

In my opinion, I think what has been delivered so far is better than I would have expected.