Predatory Lending – The Raping of Our Military

I just heard on NBC Nightly News (can’t find a link on the web to the story yet Chris sent me the link [thanks Chris!]) about how predatory lenders are taking advantage of our Military personnel. This seems like a very good opportunity for someone to step in and help (I can’t – I am over-extended with The Learning Locker, trying to make enough money to feed my kids, etc) and DO something about this!

Our service men and women have enough to worry about without having to borrow money from loansharks to pay their bills. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Here’s one solution – build a web site where service men and women can request loans, and others can lend – at an honest rate. People to people. No banks.

Every day citizens could then FINALLY become involved in this war on terror by helping those who are fighting it.

Just my opinion.



  1. Chris – thanks tons for the link!