Privacy Policy Reviews

I’ve been negligent in finishing some reviews of Privacy Policies that I committed to do.  Like Blockbuster for Deannie.

I have an excuse though – in the last ten days or so two different start-ups have emailed me asking if I could help them with their Privacy Policies.  Neither company has launched, both paid me for my assistance.  I’m not at liberty yet to say who they are, and I’m not big on reviewing new Web 2.0 companies – there are lots of sites that do that.  So I think I’ll wait until they launch and see what their Privacy Policies actually ended up like.

But to Cindy, Kelly, Michael, Serena, and the rest of you – it was a ton of fun talking to you.  I can tell you love what you are building, and I trust you have your customer’s best interests in mind.  Best of luck!