Project D.U. – Presented by AT&T

 AT&T has a blog reader.  Who would have thunk it? It’s labeled version 3.00 even though the download link states:

SOFTWARE UPDATE (9/20/2005): Version 2.0 of the Blog Reader is now available. Features include desktop alert for new posts and increased speed at startup. “

I don’t really recommend you rush out and download this – it comes pre-packaged with a bunch of blogs you can’t delete, you can only add one feed at a time (i.e., no importing an OPML file), you can’t resize the application (what were they thinking!), and of course it is emblazoned with AT&T advertising.

Gotta run.  Need to uninstall this thing!









Link to Project D.U. – Presented by AT&T


  1. This is EXACTLY the sort of crap that SBC is despised for…sounds like the AT&T name is truly besmirched by following these sorts of marketing tactics. Ahh well, we still have our fond memories of when AT&T was a cool household name.