Public Funds Rehab Center for Injured Vets

This  facility is about ten miles from my house – so you bet I was there yesterday (and yes, I did support it financially, in my own little way – but I was not the anonymous 22+ million dollar donor (but I do know who it is, and I’m not telling))

And what’s with the servicemen and women think?  It it really sexist to say servicemen when talking about our Armed Forces – or should we do away with Mankind as well?  Sorry – off topic.  This is a wonderful place, built by amazing people for the truly remarkable among us.  It’s not too late to give a little something, even if it’s just skipping a movie and a fast food burger – send them $20.  It all adds up.  To $50 million and a lot of hope for those that deserve it most.

Jan. 30, 2007 – Pennies from kids who thought they were giving a fortune. Checks written in modest amounts from ordinary families. And one eye-popping anonymous contribution of $22.5 million. It was private donations like these from more than 600,000 Americans that paid for a comprehensive new rehabilitation center for wounded troops that opened Monday at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. Military brass and privates shuffling on crutches joined senators, actresses and country-music stars under a chilly South Texas winter sky at the ribbon cutting for the Center for the Intrepid, which opened along with two new Fisher House suites that house the families of the recovering troops. The pomp and pageantry, including a fighter-jet flyover and the crooning of singer John Mellencamp, was meant to pay tribute to the wounded and fallen and to the citizens who tried to repay their sacrifices with world-class medical and support facilities.

Source: Public Funds Rehab Center for Injured Vets – To Your Health –