"Push Present"? Give me a break!

baby_moneyI’m sorry – this sounds like one of the most annoying new "spend money" trends I’ve seen lately.

Basically, the jewelry industry is trying to create a new market by pushing the expectation that new mom’s should get an expensive gift for delivering a baby.

Guess what?  The baby is an expensive gift!  Instead of blowing a grand on blood diamonds, why not use the money to open a college fund or the new baby?

Besides, I fathered two children – and as I remember it, I was involved in a lot of pushing as well – where’s my gift?

We don’t need another freaking Hallmark Holiday.  We need young parents that aren’t in debt, and kids that can afford ever-growing college tuition.

Personally, I think the child is a pretty damn cool gift (and likely the most expensive one any parent will ever receive!)


Men who thought their lavish-jewelry duties were over after they purchased the engagement ring might get a shock when their babies are born. That’s when it’s time to shop for the "push present (search)." But a bouquet of flowers won’t usually cut it. Nowadays, many husbands are expected to buy expensive presents to thank their wives for dealing with pregnancy and "pushing" through labor.

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  1. @Deannie .. I feel your pain … nobody got ME any flowers either, when I delivered my two babies!

    In fact, the San Antonio Humane society charged me $50 for each of ‘m!
    Granted .. that price included a medical procedure referred as ‘altering’ (them! Not me)

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t even get the flowers…

    How remarkable the depths these marketers will go to make a buck…blah.