Putting all of your eggs in one basket

I’m glad Time-Warner doesn’t offer cell phone service, or my cell phone probably would have died today as well.

While on my TW Internet phone talking to a customer, the phone died.  So did my cable TV and my Road Runner Internet service.  I’ve never had all three of them die at the same time before.

I called TW and the technical support representative told me “There is no way all three can die at the same time – they aren’t related”.  Uh? WTF?

“They all come in the same cable”, I said – “what if the cable gets cut?”  “Oh, yeah.  But that’s unlikely, she says”.  Sure – whatever. 

But guess what – it wasn’t as unlikely as they thought!  Fortunately they repaired it in under an hour – but I sure wish Tech Support people would pay more attention to what they are saying.  Not all of their customers are idiots, and they shouldn’t assume that they are.