Putting myself in Robert’s shoes

I’ve been married, and I know how important anniversaries are to the opposite species.  They love them, and they should be special (and I agree on this one damn day a year, I suppose guys should make the effort).

But Robert sent Maryam sunflowers.  He wrote her a public love letter, as did Maryam to Robert.  Robert made dinner reservations.

So now I suppose things are good, and probably leading up to a little romantic evening… but what then, dear geeks?  Is it safe after the gift-giving, dinner-eating and love-making to sneak back to the computer for a while, or is that just wrong?

What will Robert do? (And Maryam – how about you – are you waiting for Robert to sneak out so you can pull out your laptop and read the comments on your blog?).

Is their any protocol here?  When does the anniversary end?  After the gifts and dinner and sex – or does it have to continue until the calendar page flips?

Share your opinions in the comments (and wish Robert and Maryam a happy fourth!)


  1. It all depends on your partner. I win the contest! Robert is sleeping out of exhaustion while I am all awake reading my favorite blogs. Hee hee 🙂 Women rule!