Qualifying a friend

What are your requirements when thinking about the attributes a friend should have?  Look at the five below and put them in order of what’s most important to you.

  1. Compassion/Understanding
  2. Honesty
  3. Trust/Reliability
  4. Respect
  5. Value

Now, before you read any further, go ahead and rank those. 

Consider now that you are looking for the attributes you want from a company you do business with?  Using the same list as above, rank them.

Now compare the two lists.  Are they the same?  If they are different, what is different, and why?

I’m really curious – this isn’t an Internet joke or anything… (really!)




  1. It’ll be interesting to see what others think. I have a friend in Australia who I literally trust my life with (Due to countless experiences) but he is’nt ALWAYS honest.. its just the way he is. Even though I can sometimes spot that dis-honesty but he is just set up that way, even sometimes complains to me when I’m honest with people. But his occasional dis-honesty to me has never caused me any harm. Almost feels like an older brother who I trust but who lies to me sometimes.

    The list you gave us aint easy! It’s like identifying your values, beleifs ect. Stuff like this takes time and internal debate but its very interesting!

    Lets see what you’ll show us later 😉

  2. Faisal – thanks! I was wondering if someone would question if there was a difference between “trust” and “honesty” – and I think there is (it looks like you do as well).

    Trust certainly tops both my lists. I’ll wait a couple days before revealing the rest of my list – I want to see some other responses first.


  3. For me, I’ve ranked my priorities below and they are both the same except VALUE will move up to #3 when its a company I’m looking to work with. I put the reason for this all the way at the bottom of my post.


    2) Honesty
    3) Respect
    4) Compassion/Understanding
    5) Value

    I know you only want to know the difference and reason for the two lists but I’m gonna take the freedom to give a bit of my perspective on why I arranged my priorities this way. But if you want to get to the point of the question, take a look at the two lists above and below and the comment right at the end for my input on this.

    The worst feeling in the world is when a friend you trust lets you down. Even if that friend unintentionally let you down (Meaning that to him/her they didnt mis-use your trust and what they did was normal) then you have a bigger prblem, you find out that that person didnt hold you in the same view as you held them. The friendship was’nt equal. Its almost like feeling that you were betrayed. But in reality it is’nt betrayal its just un-equal friendship and that probably means a lack of respect too (I’m ranking respect as #3). Trust is the most sacred thing in real friendhips. I ranked Honesty as #2 because if I trust a friend and he was dis-honest sometimes that wont kill me becuse the trust is there. But it sucks to try and figure out sometimes if my friend is lying to me, so its a real peace of mind when you know your friend is honest and you never need to think twice when they say something. #3 Who wouldnt want to be repected by their own friends? #4 Compassion and undertstanding, its hard to call friendship what it is with out that, but even a stranger can be compassionate/understanding and may never qualify as your friend. #5 Value comes last here but that doesnt make it the least important, I just think the others are more important for friendship. But in the business world I bet that it ranks high for a lot of us when looking at working with a company. And thats the way to go anyway. But my ideal company would look like this:

    1) Trust/reliability
    2) Honesty
    3) Value
    4) Respect
    5) Compassion/Understanding

    The company has gotta have value, or whats the point of doing business? But under no circumstance it could rank higher than #3.. Whether it be a small operation or a Billion dolar company.