Quick update, random thoughts

Celebrated my daughter’s 17th birthday today.  It was nice.  I made T-Bones (3/4 inch cut), baked potatoes and a fresh salad. For Lauren I made a beef tenderloin, since that’s her favorite.   People always ask me how I get steaks so tender and juicy.  Tender is easy – take them out of the ‘fridge about four hours before you are going to grill them.  Get them close to room temperature.  I don’t know why this works, but it does (the 3/4 inch steak helps, of course.  Thin steaks get chewy).  As for juicy, just make sure the grill is as hot as you can get it before you put the steaks on.  You can always turn the fire down after you’ve seared both sides of the steak.

Next – we’re just a few days from launching the project I have been working on since last May.  We launch in a limited Beta at CeBIT – where “ones and zeroes turn into billions”.  Let’s hope.  Anyway, the last minute bugs and feature crawl is kicking into high gear – so as you might imagine, I am busy!  It’s a good busy though.

The cool thing is that very, very soon I can start telling you what I’ve been working on, and a little bit about my boss/partner, and now friend.  I won’t be doing most of that here – we already have a blog for the new product – but I hope you won’t mind me linking and/or cross posting to that news.  What I do, and who I choose to work with, is a great part of who I am.

And as part of that effort, and news – I’ve already committed to giving 1%  of the current valuation of the company – not just 1% of my share of the company – to charity.  Sure, the valuation will perhaps change and eventually that 1% may be diluted.  But maybe not.  And even if it is, I think we are talking about a very cool contribution.  Details on the charity to come in the future, but it will be a charity that focuses on helping third world businesses start, and grow.

It hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t always been fun.  But I absolutely love what I do.  That’s probably why I do it for 18 hours a day. 

And yes – I have had several requests from people asking me to describe exactly what it is I do.  Look for that post soon.  Its not a short answer.  It is actually pretty complicated šŸ™‚

Ok, sorry for the jumbled post.  Time is short, bugs are many, and launch is immanent!