Quiznos delivers (again)

quiznosThanks, Quiznos. I complained about the inability to use a two dollar delivery coupon on the Quiznos online ordering site and they sent me $15 in coupons for my troubles.  Very cool of them.

I love companies that pay attention.  I didn’t have to call Quiznos, or email them.  I just blogged about my experience.  Now I get several hundred hits for "Quiznos" every week, and all of those visitors can read about how much I like Quiznos Roasted Green Chili, and they can learn how pleased I was with Quiznos initial response to my post.

So in the end, I win with $15 in free Quiznos food, Quiznos wins because they kept me happy and they can now fix the problem that frustrated me to start with, and everyone who drops by here looking for Quiznos gets to see that they are a responsive company that listens to their customers.

And those visitors may just try that Roasted Green Chili (you should – it is very good!).