Quiznos Roasted Green Chili


Yes, another Quiznos post!  This is a food review though, not a delivery service review.

Roasted Green Chili.  If your Quiznos offers it, order it.  It is simply very, very good. 

It’s been a cold and wet day and my back has been messed up, so I didn’t feel like cooking.  My daughter wanted Quiznos.  So my son and I order the green chili, having never tasted Quiznos chili (as well as sandwiches). 

I love chili.  I actually make some damn fine chili.  Not roasted green chili.  And I doubt I’ll ever try to make roasted green chili.  Quiznos dish is really that good – I don’t think I could make it any better, and I have never had better green chili in a restaurant.

And no, I don’t work for Quiznos, know anyone that works there, get any money from them, etc.  But to find a chili in a chain restaurant that actually has flavor is unusual enough for me to post about it.

Well done, Quiznos – two thumbs up on the roasted green chili!

And as I got ready to post this entry my son walked into the room stating, "that chili is good".

It really is.


  1. Have you ever tried making that recipe @ home? Or were you able to find something similar? It is my boyfriends FAVORITE food ever. We live in Canada and our Quizno’s doesn’t have anything even close to it so I am going to try and make it for him.

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!!



  2. it is awesome just had it today 18 0108 really nicely blended with exact flavors not overwhelmingly hot just right texture for a cold after noon
    peace out

  3. @Heather – this one sounds close: http://mexicanfood.about.com/od/deliciousmaindishes/r/ChileVerde.htm
    I have not tried it (yet) though.


  4. I also love the green chili from quiznos.  I would love to find a similar recipe.