Raccoons vs. pets

 Oh, P-L-E-A-S-E!  This is why I don’t live in California anymore.  If a racoon is attacking my dog – dead racoon.  It’s that easy.  And I grew up with a racoon as a pet – but once they get a pack mentality and are brazen enough to attack a dog – it’s time to kill them.

No, I don’t buy the argument that “if we love raccoons and other creatures, we’ll be nicer to people as well, and we’ll all have a happier life.

Get rid of the dangerous raccoons – trap them, kill them, whatever.  They aren’t as important as my dog!

What we’re trying to inculcate in the L.A. community is a reverence for life. If we have more reverence for life, it translates into all our programs — for women and infants, the elderly and everybody in our community,” said Ed Boks, the head of Los Angeles Animal Services.

“As we develop these programs that demonstrate our compassion for creatures completely at our mercy, it makes for a more compassionate society all the way around.”

Source: Raccoons vs. pets in tony beach community – Environment – MSNBC.com


  1. Is it really humane to allow a creature to behave outside the norm and encroach on the rights of others? We don’t typically like it in deer, dogs, cats or people. Why not raccoons?!?

  2. Put out a bowl of antifreeze when you bring your dog in for the night; tell your neighbors with marauding cats to keep theirs in too. By spring the raccoon numbers should be less of a concern.

  3. I think it was our dog, Pizza that was shot (I know he was) – I don’t think the raccoon was shot. Man that seems so long ago!


  4. Actually, if I remember right, Mom and Dad gave him to some farmer they knew. Not sure if thats what actually happened, but is what they had told me. He had gotten to mean. Remember how he used to sleep in the closets by the front door? He’d growl if you went near him once he got to fat to move.

  5. Didn’t one of the neighbors shoot him one day out in the front of the house. Atleast thats what I remember happening.

  6. Yep – it was “Baby”. Remember how big Baby got? He was over 50 pounds at one point! I don’t remember what happened to him, but he was a decent pet. But if he screwed with my dog, I’d kill him in a second!


  7. Hey Rob,

    I had forgot all about the pet raccoon. What was his name? Baby, if I remember right. I remember how he’d always come when we called him, even if he was up a tree. But your right, my dog tops any raccoon and the raccoon would be history if forced to choose.