Rackspace setting up new data center in United Kingdom

 I like Rackspace – they’ve been pretty good to me and my clients who have used them.  I really like the fact they are bringing an ecologically sound data center online.  I’m also happy they are geographically distributing their data centers.  I’ve already made plans to host one of my clients in this new facility – closer to where my client is (Europe).

San Antonio-based Rackspace is leasing 65,000 square feet of raised floor space from investment and development group SEGRO (Slough Estates Group).

This new data center will support the company’s continued growth in the managed hosting market. The new facility will have the capacity to accommodate more than 40,000 servers once operational in the spring of 2008.

Rackspace is also leasing space in the building in Slough because it wants to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel.

Slough Heat and Power, the utility provider, does not burn coal, but uses wood chips and fiber fuel, both of which are renewable biomass energy sources. These materials are currently being used to generate electricity, hot water and steam for local businesses and residents

Source: Rackspace setting up new data center in United Kingdom – San Antonio Business Journal: