RadRails: A free and open source Ruby on Rails IDE

I’ve been involved with RadRails from the start (although my own issues have changed my involvement drastically).  I love the product, and admire the  team.  But they are being hit by reality right now (which I assume means partly, they need a paying gig).

What I would like to see (and I discussed this a lunch today with my friend Bruce) is for the RadRails team to go to work for Microsoft – extending RoR support into the Microsoft Development IDE.

Why?  Because I have never seen another IDE that teaches as well as the Microsoft IDE.  Not only auto-complete, but the context sensitive help, online communities, etc, etc.  All accessible from within the IDE.

Example code? MS provides tons of it.  Video demonstrations?  MS offers a ton of those as well.

I don’t know if MS can overcome their “not built here” mentality enough to make this move – but if they could, it might create something really amazing.

The bottom line to all of this is that Matt and I can’t provide the same kind of commitment that we once could. Like or not, RadRails is not a business. We’ve been working our asses off on a startup for the past few months and RadRails has suffered as a result. I wish things were different and we could sit back and work on open source all day but that is just not the reality anymore.

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