Rain, Rain, Rain (can you feel my pain?!?)

OK, we needed just two more inches of rain in San Antonio this July to beat our all-time rainfall from January to July.

We reached our average annual rainfall amount for a year about a week ago.

Today (so far) I have gotten 4 inches of rain.

I think we have the new record. *sigh*.  I think we’ll beat it handily.

Here is the radar right now.  Not pretty.



  1. @ Paul – yes, it is green – I bet it looks very nice from the air right now!

    @ Ben – It’s beautiful in the Brazos Valley! I just drove through there two weeks ago and had never seen it looking nicer.

  2. Yep, the weather this year has been crazy. Here in the Brazos Valley area it seems like it rains every day.

  3. My wife just returned from San Antonio.
    She said she’s never seen it this lush and green!