Random Images

Some random pictures I just wanted to stick up here.

IMG_0077 My New Hobby: I wasn’t really looking for another motorcycle but a co-worker pinged me about a bike he was selling.  It reminded me so much of the first bike I ever owned that I just had to buy it.

This is a 1978 Honda CX500.  Unlike my 900 pound BWM R1200CLC, this is a light little bike weighing in at just under 500 pounds (dry). It needs some work to make it road-worthy, but it is mechanically pretty sound!

Geoff Livingston, author, blogger and really nice guy.  He came to a Tweetup I organized.  This is on the San Antonio Riverwalk, not far from my office. DSC00182
DSC00246 Rocky Barbanica is a  Senior Producer at Fast Company.  He is also the camera genius behind Robert Scoble’s work at Fast Company TV

I’ve had the pleasure to meet Rocky on 4-5 occasions now, and he’s a great guy to hang out with!
Also, in the background you can see John Engates, CTO of Rackspace.  The pictures were taken at the Austin City Limits during the Rackspace Cloud Event

Backstage at Austin City Limits you can find some interesting stuff – including a few cans of Bud Light! DSC00254
DSC00151 Bob and Esther Cole with their daughter Melissa/  Melissa had just graduated from Texas Tech University.

I’ve known “Mo” almost her whole life, and she’s like another of my own children, so I was very proud of her!

A couple weeks ago we went to New Orleans.  We took a trolley out to the cemeteries.  On the way there a car crashed blocking the tracks for about 15 minutes.  As we boarded the trolley to return I joked, “I wonder what happens on the way back”.

Well, this is what happens – this car cut in front of the trolley and we nailed it.  We decided to leave before the police showed up as we were sitting in the back of the trolley and didn’t really see what happened anyway.  We walked the mile or two back to our hotel 🙂



  1. You and motorcycles…really Rob. giggle 🙂

  2. @Lauren – yes – she is a doll 🙂

  3. Rob's Daughter says:

    Awe Mo is so pretty 😀