Re-Learning "Looking"

I’m 45 now – will be 46 this July (07/07/07, to be exact).  And now I have glasses.  Three pairs, to be exact.  And I am trying to learn to use them.  It’s really not easy – I need the glasses to read the computer screen (or a book), but not to see TV, or to look two feet to the right at the table.


It’s hard to shift from one focus depth to the other without almost getting sick to my stomach.  It is dizzying.  But I am learning to blink as I transfer focus from through the glasses to over the glasses – it works when I remember.  When I don’t I feel a sense of sea-sickness that I never even experienced when I was in the Navy.


No matter how old I get, I find myself learning – even if it’s just learning to use glasses without getting dizzy.


  1. Ahh – yes. When they start replacing body pieces, I imagine it is difficult to get used to!

  2. You think glasses take getting used to?
    Wait till you get dentures! 😉