Reader-generated RSS feeds

After playing with Pligg (see yesterday’s post) I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I had something like Pligg but my readers determined what RSS feed each article belonged to?  Instead of just voting an article as good or bad, it’s votes as good or bad, and “Vista” or “Social Networking”.

Imagine I had one blog, but based on keywords I had six different feeds – the main feed, which contained all of my posts, and five more specific feeds for “Social Networking”, “Vista”, whatever.  The contents of those feeds wouldn’t be determined by me – the feed would get populated with an article when a specified threshold of my readers voted it into (or “tagged it into”) that category.  A default non-aggregated tag would be “crap” 🙂 Things marked as crap wouldn’t ever get into a “Vista” or “Social Networking” feed.  It would only get to my home page (unless the system did even better and digg’ed the contents of my front page!). 

I think it would be interesting.