Reader Poll: How well does your name Google? – Lifehacker

Lifehacker asks how well your name Google’s.

Mine Google’s pretty “good” – if you consider being findable good :).

I think the first 4-5 pages, at least, of Google results for Rob La Gesse come up with nothing but me.  I didn’t check really close, but I saw enough to know I am very Google-able.  Having an unordinary last name certainly helps!


Aside from the obvious ego searching you miss out on, the article discusses the potential professional detriment that comes from being un-Google-able. Since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know where they sit in their Google listings, I’m curious: how well do you Google? Hit the jump for the poll, and give us the details in the comments.

Source: Reader Poll: How well does your name Google? – Lifehacker


  1. @Deannie – I think “bad” information is something that could put you (family or friends) at personal risk, or put you in jail. Anything else, including embarrassing is fine. I mean, it’s easy to get over being embarrassed about something if it is online – you have no choice but to get over it! You certainly can’t erase it!

  2. I guess I’ve done really well at keeping myself unsearchable. Any combination of my name brings no results related to me. Guess thats a good thing considering my line of work.

  3. I’m pretty googlable too: I occupy quite a few pages for both my actual name (Yuvaraj Pandian T) and my Nick(Yuvi). And, quite good considering I beat one VERY famous cricket player with the same nick and a CEO as well…

  4. My daughter recently googled me for a school assignment and she was surprised just what she turned up. How does one determine if what turns up is good or bad? I have made a lot of efforts to try to suppress my personal data from being that searchable…don’t know 😐

  5. Yeah – there is some Sportswriter out there named Robert La Gesse that probably isn’t happy I knocked him off Google

  6. Seeing how a French movie producer and a professional yacht racer have the same name as mine, makes it really time consuming to get to anything thats about me. But if you don’t know who I really am…people could really think pretty highly of me with all their accomplishments.