Really cheap DRM-free music

I buy a lot of used CDs from a local store (and sometimes from Pawnshops).  I normally pay about $2 for a fairly recent CD.  With an average of 14 songs on a CD I am getting my music for cheap – real cheap.

But I wonder – what if I bought 10,000 used CDs (currently found a listing for that amount on Craig’s List).  For about $2,000 I could get about 140K of songs – sure a lot will be duplicates, but what if I didn’t care because I didn’t want to use the CDs myself.

What if instead I sold them on the Internet – or, more specifically, I sold the electronic rights to a single CD to a user for a dollar or two.  Would it be legal?  I think so – they would have their music in digital format and I would only be storing their “master” CD here.  Of course they could always sell the CD back to me for 50 cents on the dollar (and I could then sell the electronic rights to my now used again CD again).

I wonder how that idea would shake up the music industry – if you could buy the rights to a CD for two bucks, would you?  DRM free?  And the physical CD is kept safe offsite if you need it again?

Sounds weird, I know – but think of how many used CDs are available for pennies on the dollar – there is a huge opportunity here to turn those unwanted used CDs into real money.  DRM-free.