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I used to live here – well, not exactly – but within a block from here.  And when I lived there (1985-1988) there weren’t any million dollar homes (although looking at the house in this link, it would be about $240K here in San Antonio).  We lived in 50 year old military housing.  Duplexes.  There were hundreds of them, and they all looked alike.  They were nice enough, even if old.  We had a view of the bay and hardwood floors  – rent free.  We had deer in our yard every day.

Hardly any complaints.  It used to be Hamilton AFB.  It was run by the Navy and housed mostly Army when we were there.  You could say it had an identity crisis.  I think they called it a Joint Housing Facility, or some such thing.

When we moved there my ex was a brand new LT – in the Army Nurse Corps.  I was a civilian Respiratory Therapist.  We both worked at Letterman Army Medical Center (On The Presidio) (Letterman is gone now as well).

After a year or so I left medicine and managed the Radio Shack in Novato.  I also worked in the Radio Shack’s in San Rafael and in Oakland.  My son was born in the Oakland Naval Hospital (it’s also gone now, I am told).

The movie Tucker was filmed in downtown Oakland while I was working there.  A Radio Shack employee got a bit part in the film, and we met Francis Ford Copolla, who couldn’t have been a nicer guy.

I have no clue why I am telling you this, but it seemed interesting to me anyway.  But it makes it clear to me that I am getting old.

When we moved to California I had an 8-bit computer that was the size of a VW bug.  It was a retired Postal Sorting Machine I bought at auction.  I bought my first PC while we lived in Novato, and I first started BIOS II BBS there (running Wildcat! software).  I had two 300 baud modems for non-members, a 2400 baud modem for really good friends, and a 9600 baud US Robotics modem for connecting to other BBS’s via FidoNET/UseNET.  Fun times.

In just a few years technology had changed so much that I had a 80286sx-16 based PC.  AND a ten megabyte external hard drive.  I could run the BBS off of two floppies if I had to, but ran it off the hard drive – even if the hard drive wasn’t very reliable.  I often had to manually spin the platters to get the drive to start after a power failure.  It suffered a terminal case of stiction – something you just don’t hear about these days.

OK, enough of memory lane.


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  1. Robert – cool. I’m going to watch it now.