Registering on this blog

Lauren registered on this blog today (no, not my daughter – another Lauren).  That’s cool.

To be truthful, I forgot you can actually register here.  Lauren – I don’t know that anyone else has.  If they have, I’ve forgotten about it.

So welcome, Lauren.  And to everyone else you can register.  It gains you nothing I can think of.  But maybe I’ll start getting rid of some tech stuff to registered users randomly.  Maybe I won’t.  Probably I won’t. 

But since registration is fast and free and doesn’t really mean anything, why not do it?



  1. Privacy policy is "I won’t be showing my reader’s my privates on this blog, as long as they all behave" – and yes, Deannie — I am talking about you! 🙂


  2. I am all worried…it is MY data after all. What is the privacy policy on this site?!? 😉

  3. Just looked – Lauren is the first.

  4. Your ‘Site admin’ should have a function to show registered users! (Did I register?I think I did).