OK, I am involved in building a social network.  I was called by someone today that painted me into a corner on this.  They did some very good homework. The gig, as they say, is up.

It’s social, it’s different, and it’s the same.  It is a social network site, and there isn’t really a lot of new in this market anymore.  Sites can be more open, they can be more connected to mobiles, etc.  But the basic feature set is already defined.  I do think there is still room to explore different markets within this space – and that’s what I am involved in.

I wanted to post this now because I think it might show up on another blog tomorrow.  And I would rather it showed up here first.  I did ask the person to hold things off for a few weeks – but they didn’t give me any promises.

And that’s all I am sharing for now. 


  1. Yeah – I saw that. I thought it was funny though that on the same day IBM announces the product Microsoft announces a tool set to migrate people off IBM’s new product and onto Microsoft’s 🙂


  2. I’m rather excited now… the social networking space has been static for too long.