Robert Rubin resigns from Ford’s board – Automotive –

I may be reading too much into this – but I don’t think I am.  What I read is that Ford may be brought private – back into the arms of the Ford family.  How would that change your opinion/perspective of an American automobile manufacturer?  I’ve bought many Ford’s, and have generally been very pleased – but would I think differently if I knew I was buying from the Ford Family, instead of a huge multi-billion dollar corporate entity?

I think I might.

This will be interesting to watch unfold. 

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  1. I just don’t know how you are going to remove the union element with out some serious management retooling. None of these large US manufacturers have done what it takes to clean house so that the unions existance becomes irrelevant. As long as the unions are there, these guys are screwed…on pensions, everything. And that is what hurts the most because seriously, we all WANT to support domestic operations.

    Seriously, I don’t know how I would go along now without my XM radio. The day I need a new car, I think I am going to do the Acura TL.

  2. The reason I think a family owned auto manufacture3r might appeal more to me than a corporate owned one is simple – I *think* if the Family Name is on the product, they are probably going to care more about that product. I certainly know this is true for small mom and pop barbershops, dry cleaners etc.

    I have no reason it wouldn’t hold true for a large company – look at SC Johnson as an example. Family owned, and managed, and a great company.

    Arguably I would say that Walmart was a better company (at least I still would shop there) when the family owned it.

    I am not arguing that Ford *will* build a better product if they owned it again – just that I would *expect* that quality might improve.

    That being said, I have a 1998 Ford Expedition I bought new. In nine years I put $1800 into the transmission, and have of course bought tires and batteries – nothing else. It’s been a quality truck.

    And Paul – I agree. There are very odd reasons why people pass on vehicles — I passed on a BMW convertible because it had the “baby spare tire” – BMW would not throw in a real spare. So I went to Mitsubishi, bought my Spyder (and they upgraded me to a full size spare), have had it for four years, again without ANY mechanical problems.

  3. Drats! I should start my OWN blog!

    Oh wait! I DID *shameless self plug*:

  4. People make car-buying decisions (notice that I said ‘people’: this is equally true for both women and men!) based on the oddest things! I had heard that before (about a guy who eventually DIDN’T buy his dream-beamer, because he didn’t like the cup holders), but last weekend I saw this in action:
    We went to the Toyota dealer: my wife had finally decided on a Highlander. We were looking at all the different models and colors when my eye fell on a 4runner, white, leather, sunroof, the whole nine yards. I REALLY liked its looks and it wasn’t THAT much more expensive than the Highlander (yes, I DID look at that). She looked … and TOTALLY fell in love. Testdrove it. THIS was it. The car of her dreams.
    VERY long (bought a car lately?) story short: she ended walking away from it. Thoroughly disappointed and firmly decided to look for something else.
    And let me tell you, ‘price’ is something my wife usually responds to with “what’s got THAT to do with anything?” when it is about something she wants!
    The reason she left her dream car behind?
    The radio wasn’t satellite radio ready!

    Then when we got into our car the sale manager came running after us, and urged us (well, her: I don’t get INSIDE a car dealer ship!) to come back, he needed to talk to her. We thought that he may have found a way to get that radio satellite ready, even though he earlier had told us that that was techinically not possible.
    But that was not it! He simply knocked off another 2 grant!
    Three more sighs from my wife, a shake of her head (minus 2 grant didn’t make her radio satellite ready, now did it? Silly sales manager) and we drove off the lot in her goold old jeep that they offered to trade for way too less anyway, we thought.

    (There is a LITTLE bit more to this story -which I will reveal on demand-, but that’s not relevant to the above story!)

  5. I really only care about safety, mileage, quality at the end of the day. If my daddy could make a safe car, I would drive THAT. Not sure it makes a lot of difference to me…not yet.

  6. Paul Claessen says:

    How and why would you think (or act: in your buying vehavior) differently when buying from a privately held company versus a public one? Especially when it is one and the same company that’s going from public to private.