Robert Scoble Loves FriendFeed. Me, Not So Much

As Robert Scoble continues to hawk FriendFeed at every opportunity (especially when Twitter goes down) I just am not feeling the FriendFeed love.

The service is ugly (to me).  It has all kinds of crap I don’t care about in my feed.  It just isn’t as immediate or intimate as Twitter.  At least to me. YMMV.

And when Yuvi found a bug in the application, that extended through to the API, I sent a tech support question and got a reply that said they were out of office until Monday.  Five days?  A Startup that goes out of pocket for five days?  I don’t like that. (The bug – you can only view the last 11 days of your history.  Even if you click on day 15, you see results from day 11.  API "works" the same way.).

Robert is someone I consider to be a friend, but I also know he is a passionate guy and when he likes something, he doesn’t stop talking about it – until he gets tired of it, or he finds the next great thing.

I focus on things that help me, or the people who hire me, make money.  Twitter offers that to me.  FriendFeed looks more like "Feeding Frenzy".

And I am not new to social networking – do a search for kr8tr on Google.  There are over 10,000 hits.  I think damn near all of them are mine.  I "get" social networking, and I have for a long time.

But I don’t "get" FriendFeed – it just isn’t near as useful to me as Twitter is.  Twitter is clean, concise, and IMMEDIATE.  FriendFeed is "busy", "ugly" and "non-responsive"/

And it is very easy for me to filter people in or out.

I think FriendFeed is either a flash in the Scoble pan, or they dramatically retool themselves.  Or else they get the Scoble’s of the world – but not people like be.  Not people that actually need to extract a value from a site.

And they don’t answer email from developers.  Sorry – that sucks.  Twitter has responded to me in the past.

Which API will I trust to build an application on?


  1. While I agree that in depth conversations are not Twitter’s forte, You’re right, FriendFeed is ugly. It looks like a half finished website. I love the idea of it, but given how much I use Twitter compared to the other things I have it monitoring, it’s like 75% twitter posts and 25% everything else. And considering I use Twhirl/TwitSync to simultaneously update Twitter, Facebook, and Pownce status, it gets double posts. Good thing I don’t have a Jaiku account as well.

  2. Rob: that’s OK, I continue the conversation on FriendFeed. See ya there. I hate talking to people about deep issues on Twitter. The people who don’t care complain and even if everyone cares the important Tweets roll out of sight within minutes and the conversation stops. I’ve been through this over and over. You’ll see the light someday.

  3. @Robert. Yes, you did. And I answered you in Twitter long before your comment showed here. And I don’t USE FF because as I state above, I don’t LIKE it – so we communicated on Twitter.

    NOT on FF – NOT on my Blog. But on Twitter.


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