Roller-Coasters – Win a chance to be one of the first riders!

OK, here’s the scoop – I’ve been invited (as a Blogger) to attend the Media Day event launching the new Roller Coaster at Sea World, San Antonio – Journey to Atlantis.  I’ve asked for, and gotten permission, to bring one of my reader’s with me.

The big day is Friday, May 11, 2007.

You have the opportunity to be one of the first to ride the ride, you’ll be surrounded by news crews and media people, and you get into the event for free.

I expect it to be a great deal of fun, and we’ll be able to experience the new ride the day before it opens to the public.

So, I need a contest idea – winner gets the claim to fame of being one of the first on a ride that millions of people will enjoy in the future.  If you have any contest ideas, please leave them in the comments, or email them to rob at lagesse dot org.

The contest winner is responsible for any and all expenses outside of getting into the event at the park.

A few caveats:

  • This is a media event – the ride will certainly not be operating “normally”.  It will be stopping and restarting as news crews line up shots, etc.
  • There are no guarantees of any type associated with this – I expect it to be fun, but it could be raining.  It could be hot.  Plans could change. 
  • There is no monetary value associated with this (you can’t sue me, Sea World, or anyone else if you don’t get to ride the ride for some odd reason.)
  • If you are not in the San Antonio area, you are responsible for getting here – no travel or lodging is provided.