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Mark Cuban has this EXACTLY right – let’s remove ambiguity from the NBA.  Removing the ambiguity might also remove some of the whining – but I doubt it! 

If there is any upside to this (from my perspective), the Spurs are losing their image as being a “soft” team – an image that was never accurate anyway.

Of course, I don’t want to get the image as a dirty team either – because the Spurs are not a dirty team – no matter what Amare StoudPoutemire says.

First, let me go on the record as saying that in the event that a vote comes up to change the rules about suspensions for players leaving the bench, I will vote against changing it.
Why ? Because its incredibly simple to educate players about the rule. Its a rule they fully understand and they understand the consequences of violating the rule. That makes the NBA stronger because it removes uncertainty. Can it result in a game(s) being impacted , yes. However, that impact results from an action a player knew violated the rules and was a mistake. There is no uncertainty about it. All they had to do was not leave the bench.

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