Run it’s course

This current blog was started as much to learn about Social Networking as anything else.  It was my fifth “blog”.  Not counting my days as a SysOp for a popular BBS back in the mid-80’s.

Since then I was on Radio Userland (any way to extract any of those old archives?), Blogger, My Spaces, Joomla, and others.

But this current blog is running out of legs.  I want to keep blogging, but in a different format, and with a different scope.

I plan on discontinuing this blog on my 46th birthday – 07/07/07. 

I also want to take some time off before I launch whatever is next.

I’ll start whatever is next on the one year anniversary of the start of this blog – AUG 12 2007.  My son’s birthday.  My final post here will be on that date – inviting you all to whatever is next.

I have a few loose ends to clean up first though – I need to complete my series on the Spring of 1982.  That will be at least four posts, maybe five.

I need to decide where I go next.

Currently I am thinking of replacing this blog with two others – one focusing on technical issues related to Social Networking and startups – the other being my place to post random thoughts.

I’ll leave this blog in tact – unlike my other efforts at blogging, I’ll leave this one around.  At least for a while.  A year, anyway.  Google has it well cached, in any case.

Before my last post here, I will leave my URLs for the blog/blogs that come next.  I hope you join me there.

Until then, I’ll keep posting here – not much will change. 

After then, some things will change. πŸ™‚

I’ve learned a lot through this blog – and met some wonderful people.  I hope to see you all in the next chapter – whatever form(s) it takes!

I know – it’s crazy to leave a blog that has a following and a history.  So what?  I’ll build a new following.  Or not.  For me blogging is about the effort, and the exercise,  It’s about what I learn from it.

So I look forward (or not) to at least one new blog coming online – but probably two.  Under different URLs.

We’ll see.  I don’t have solid plans other than I like blogging, and will continue it in some fashion.  And this blog will not be my next platform (although I will probably link to my archives here).

Until then, thanks for reading – I really, really appreciate it.



  1. @Kami – which part are you talking about?

  2. Very interesting, will have get a brief from you about that sometime.

  3. I remember some faint words from some faint song that go something like:

    As long you keep bloggin….