Ryan Block

OK, Ryan inspired me to buy a couple more domain names (as if it takes a lot to inspire me to buy domains!) Anyway, I now hold both roblagesse.com and robertlagesse.com.

Along with lagesse.org, kr8tr.com (kr8tr has been my handle for a decade), and stufflufagus.com – as well as about 60 more domains.

Luckily, I didn’t have to pay as much as Ryan did – sometimes it pays NOT to be famous 🙂

Dunno what I’ll do with them – probably just point them at my blog for now.

But I didn’t want to chance getting locked out of my name, like Ryan was!

Thanks Ryan, for inspiring me to do it – no idea why I didn’t do it a long time ago!

Shortly after I started at Engadget in 2004 a registrar took ryanblock.com. Ok, fine, that was my own stupid fault, I should have owned it anyway. Well, its a mistake I can finally say Ive corrected its also easily the most begrudging $400 Ive ever spent. Ever. But as readers probably know, I just couldnt snag ry.an or blo.ck, so this is it! I think I should probably donate some money to the EFF or some other organization to neutralize my bad internet karma for supporting the squatting industry.

Ryan Block