San Antonio is the second most "Recession Proof" US City

alamo_may27_2006_4 At least according to this new Forbes report (link below).

We’re pretty fortunate – a lot of our jobs are Military related, our housing values have  continued to rise while most of the rest of the nation is falling, and we are the host city to many large company headquarters (ATT, USAA, etc).


Nationally, home prices are falling, unemployment is on the rise and the economy is expected to grow slowly–or even contract–in the first half of the year.

But some cities are doing just fine.

Take Oklahoma City, Okla. With falling unemployment, one of the country’s strongest housing markets, and solid growth in agriculture, energy and manufacturing, it looks best positioned among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas to ride out the current crisis.

San Antonio is right behind. It also features solid employment figures and affordable home prices that continue to rise. Its industries are growing; it can’t hurt that the new AT&T (nyse: T – news – people ) was formed when San Antonio-based SBC Communications swallowed the old AT&T Corp. and BellSouth.

America’s Recession-Proof Cities –