San Antonio to Sacramento and back – on the same day?

Yes, it can be done.  Southwest can get me in Sacramento at 1015 Pacific (leaving 6:30 am Central).  That gives me about three hours with my client because the last flight that can get me back here the same day leaves Sacramento at 5:25 pm(Pacific).

Makes for a long day – I would get into San Antonio at 11:55 pm(Central).

Why do I care?  Because I am going to have to do it next week.  Why?  Because it’s the only way I can make a meeting I need to make, yet be back in San Antonio by the next day to fulfill a promise to one of my kids – and that’s important.  I made the promise before the meeting came up.

Flight cost – about $600.  No hotels or cabs saves a LOT, so it’s a fairly cheap trip (I do need to ask the client to have real food though – we won’t have time to go out, and I don’t do well on airline grub).

For those of you that don’t know me – I am pretty resistant to travel.  Not air travel specifically – but travel in general.  It seems like such a waste of time and money and effort (and comfort and convenience).  In my experience little of my corporate travel was required – generally it was either more social, or it could have been done remotely via teleconference. 

So I bought my tickets (the expensive ones that I can get a refund on, in case the trip is canceled [if it’s canceled I don’t get paid back for the cheap tickets – if it does not get canceled the client will pay for the much more expensive tickets.  Go figure], and I’m going to do a one day.  I’m sure a lot of you do that often.  I don’t.  I normally (when forced to travel) plan an extra day before and after “just in case”).  Of course I am also early to EVERYTHING – I honestly can’t remember being late more than once or twice… so let’s see if I can pull this trip off!