Sarcastic? Me?

My daughter just told me I was the most sarcastic person  in the worldThat’s high praise from a teenage daughter!

I am actually proud of the title, and I wish a trophy came with it 🙂


  1. countess_sheshe says:

    since ur daughter is still young, i bet she hasnt’t met so much people yet.. sarcastic ones in particular…so right now u have the throne in the eyes of ur daughter.. just wait until she meets me.. ahihi.. u can be assured that im just kidding sir. ^_^ but it can also be true. ahihiu

  2. ‘gotta have a voice’?Rob, kiddo .. since Frank is dead .. I think you ARE ‘The Voice’.

  3. Heh.  No, my kids don’t blog.  They are busy with school (and for Derek, a girl).  I didn’t care how Lauren intended me to take the statement – to me it was an affirmation.  If people think I am sarcastic, especially if I am the most sarcastic then I have a voice.

    And you know me Paul – I gotta have a voice 😉

  4. Are you sure it was MEANT as praise?Btw, do your kids keep blogs too? I’d like to hear BOTH sides of the story!