Scatter-brained finances

I’ve blogged before on how bad I am about paying bills. Time Warner calls me when they want money. They are very nice about it. But I always pay them, even if I do need a reminder.

My home mortgage though is different – I am paranoid about my mortgage. So for the ninth time in 6 years I double-paid my mortgage this month. That works great for increasing the equity in my home – but it sucks for personal cash flow.

I really need an accountant – I am just not mentally put together in a way that makes this stuff important to me.

The really weird thing is that I always know how I spend other people’s money – it is just my own money that I seem to neglect.

So if you know a good accountant in San Antonio, please let me know. I could use one.


  1. Set up a separate account for the mortgage, and have it auto-draft.

  2. Poor thing! You’re not alone. I have a friend who owns his own business. He’s great at running his business, not so much at his money. Myself and Quickbooks are going to start working part-time for him in a couple of weeks. Maybe that’s what you need, a girl Friday with a great copy of Quickbooks. 🙂