Scoble Sleazing with "exotic dancers". Maryam home – blogging alone


While Maryam sits home (pregnant) blogging and getting lame Voice Mails, Robert seems to be hanging out at a British Party with a stripper exotic dancer.  Look: (click to enlarge)

Heather Vescent“?  Come on!  That’s so last year, girl.  Try “Deeply Purple” or “Candy Cane”.

Robert is *so* busted.

Did Twitter kill the blogging star?  Dunno.  Watch Maryam’s blog for details 🙂

Heh.  Hope you are having fun, Robert.  Enjoy Texas (and spend money – I have a kid going into a State College here this fall!)

(Update, 30 minutes later):  Gets better.  Now Robert is slumming in bars with two chicks and a guy in a kilt! (really!)

And he just said he was going home (he very oddly refers to wherever the hell he is sleeping on any given night as “home” – really – look at his twitters (recently)  and his blog posts over the years.  It’s odd.  Something repressed from childhood, I would imagine)