Scoble Visit – or why I respect conference organizers!

UPDATE – Just for clarification – this event is completely free to all the attending companies.  Beyond sponsors, nobody is paying for this.

A few weeks ago I realized that Robert Scoble will be in Austin, TX for SXSWi. Wow – “Austin is close to San Antonio”, I thought.

Then I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up and thought, “Why not invite Robert to San Antonio”?

The worst thing that could happen is that he would say no.

He didn’t.

Robert is coming to San Antonio at my simple request to “come see what we are building”.

OK.  So Scoble is visiting – I found that I had some work to do – like lining up companies for Robert to meet with!

I’ve spent two weeks explaining to some local tech companies what I am planning, what Robert does (in some cases) and mostly, “Why I am doing this”.

Simply put, I am doing this because San Antonio does a horrible job (my opinion) of highlighting the tech that we invent here. From Wireless Networking, PC Networking, the Personal Computer, Personal Home Networks, and more – it was either invented here, or has deeps roots here.  But nobody seems to realize that.

So I want to fix that misperception.  More importantly, I want people to know what we are building today.

That’s all I want.  I am not making any money off of this whatsoever.  None of the companies I represent will be presenting to Robert.  My interests are pure.

But I still spent most of my day today working out details.  I’ve completed the company list (and if you are a local tech company that I have not talked to please feel free to contact me anyway.  We probably can’t get you into this session, but I plan on doing this again, and again.  With Scoble, if I can get him back again next year.  So call me.  Let’s talk).

So here’s my respect for conference organizers – what you do is like herding wet and feral cats. Everyone has their own agenda.  And that is fine. As long as they respect MY agenda – which is the end-goal –  highlighting San Antonio Tech to Robert Scoble – and through him, to the world 🙂

And I’m not even doing this alone – a local company has generously agreed to step up and handle most of the details. I’ll talk more about them, and the other companies Scoble will meet with in a future post – probably after the event.

I can’t imagine how much a conference organizer has to deal with – the different needs/concerns of each company, the demands for details before details are available, the “we will ifs” – an amazingly complex juggling act.

So Kudos to conference organizers everywhere.  You’ve earned my respect over the last couple of weeks!

And more on this as it develops.  But rest assured – Robert and Rocky WILL see some cool stuff, and they will enjoy great Texas hospitality!


  1. @Stanton – glad you enjoyed it. I know Robert did as well. Graham is really an impressive guy, and the new digs at the Mall are going to be unreal!

  2. Thanks for bringing him down! His session at Rackspace was fascinating, and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to hear him speak and watch him show off new toys.