Scrap booking Synergy

I’m not a scrap blogging expert – although a decade ago or so my ex and I spent way too much money on Creative Memories “stuff”.

Last year I played a lot with

It seems to me one of the best ways for Scrapblog to make money is to turn these “virtual scrap books” into something you can put on your coffee table, or send to Aunt Bee on her birthday.

It also seems that Creative Memories can’t continue to grow their physical scrap blogging business without an online component.

Seems like these two merging would do them both well.

Just saying…


  1. Hey, I have a whole box full of brand new (well, unsed anyway) Creative Memories items! Want to trade? would do well to hook up with LuLu or

  2. @Deannie -nope. I mean that Scrapblog needs a revenue model, and allowing online Scrapblogs to be turned into a “Creative Memories” style book would let them do that (build a Scrapblog, send a hard copy to Aunt Bee for $30).

    I also think Creative Memories needs to move online – quickly. They could do that quickly with Scrapblog.

  3. Most Creative Memories consultants I know have their own website where you can order things…is that what you mean? Or the Scrapblog type of service?