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Scrapblog is getting friendlier.  I first found out they added a friend feature when I got an email from Alex adding me as a friend.  I love how social networking is leaving Social Networking Sites and entering all sites.  Of course I am as concerned as anyone about how I keep up with all these friend requests.  I got a ton of them today – mostly from the Open Coffee Club. 

So while the rest of us figure out how we deal with all these friend requests, I am still glad Alex added me as a Scrapblog friend. I do consider Alex a friend although we have never met, or spoken on the phone.  We do, in some case, run in the same circles, so to speak.  And we both love Scrapblog.

Eventually the Internet will sort all this friendliness stuff out – until then I suggest you do what I do – add only people you know, either in person, or through your online communities – trying to vet every request can eat your whole day :).

Until then – go to Scrapblog, create something fun, or touching, or amazing.  And share it.  With your friends!

*** DISCLAIMER *** – since I am often asked – “No, I have no business relationship with Scrapblog, never have, and have never personally met anyone (to my knowledge) that works or invests there”.  I just love the product!


While we roll out important new features to the Scrapblog website, we thought wed introduce a fun one right now: adding friends! Now, when you visit the profile of a scrapblogger you like, you may add them as a friend by clicking on the green plus sign next to their name. They will then show up below your bio in your own profile page, making it easy to find them the next time you log in! If someone has added you as a friend, you will receive a notification email. This means that someone you know, such as a family member or friend, or someone that admires your scrapblogs, has bookmarked you for future reference. No action is required on your part, unless of course you would like to add them to your own friends list! You may also remove friends at any time with a click of a button. We released this new feature very quickly and will be improving it with time. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and you may reach us at feedback Be friendly and add someone!

Scrapblog Blog » You’ve been added!