ScribeFire is a decent blogging tool

ScribeFire :: Firefox Add-ons

The latest version of ScribeFire works so much better for me. Perhaps it will give Windows Live Writer a run for it’s money.

Available now for Mozilla based browsers everywhere (I use Flock)

I can’t set it to  by default open links in a new browser (I don’t think) and I need to play with images more to see if it’s something I can deal with.

But ScribeFire seems prety cool so far. In the past it just didn’t run well for me. Now it does.

ScribeFire (previously Performancing for Firefox) is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.

Powered by ScribeFire.


  1. Weird. It just overwrote FF2.x for me. Works fine though: yet to crash once…

  2. @Yuvi – I have tried Minefield – but once it installs and IO click on the launch icon it just loads Firefox 2.x – I am not willing to uninstall 2.x to play with the beta so it’ll have to wait until they fix that problem.

  3. I hate tables too. I’ve completely given up on Table Handling in Word and WLW: I just wrote my own code to take a CSV file and output OLs. No more tables. Ever.

    Try the Firefox 3 nightly. It’s much faster (atleast for me) than FF2 or IE7 or even Opera, though none of your plugins will work. Give it a try, will ya?

    here they are:

  4. @Yuvi – Tables – dunno. I hate tables. Plugins – dunno. Pasting code – dunno 🙂

    Flock just uses the CPU cycles I’m not using for other things 🙂 – actually though, the problem isn’t with CPU usage but with memory creep. Flock will easily bloat to use 150+ MB of RAM. Of course this can happen slowly if you don’t have a lot of tabs open/plugins installed or quickly if you do.

    Firefox 2 has the same problem.

  5. Heh. Does it do tables nicely? They’re the only things that give me hell in WLW.

    Oh, and do they have plugins you can write in any language? Or the ability to paste code directly from VS and get it formatted properly?

    Isn’t flock too cpu-sucking?