Sea World San Antonio – new ride

I really want to try this new ride here at our local Sea World San Antonio.  I love that we have so many options for entertainment here!

It’s only the first few seconds of this clip, but it looks like fun! 


  1. I think the turn is so you can see the view. If you like that sort of thing.

  2. If you don’t remove them I’m gonna be nasty here! Like telling how badly you got beaten at pool this afternoon for instance.
    As for what doesn’t work .. I just don’t get to edit anything, when I click ‘edit this’ Try it yourself after first logging out! That’s probably crucial.

  3. Heh – I think I’ll leave them! The comment editor still doesn’t work for you (seems to work fine from here). What’s broken?


  4. Jeepers.. never mind that nonsensical ‘what = that’ .. please remove these last two posts!

  5. what = that .. Rob, fix that EDIT thingee!

  6. Okay, here’s what I didn’t get… they hoist you up, turn you 360 degrees and you go back down, BACKWARDS?
    What’s the point of the 360 degree turn?

  7. I think it will be a great ride and so close too. 🙂